How to Order

At Ludlum Measurements, Inc. our instruments are typically designed as general purpose meters. This allows a survey meter to be used with several different types of detectors. For this reason all electronics and detectors have individual part numbers and are ordered separately.


A customer orders a Model 3 Survey Meter with a Model 44-9 pancake GM Detector. When the order is placed the customer is ordering two separate items but will automatically receive many more.

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m44-9 web



M3 w M44-9 web

Model 3 Survey Meter
Part No. 48-1605

Pancake GM Detector
Part No. 47-1539
Model 3 with Model 44-9 Pancake GM Detector
Part Numbers 48-1605 and 47-1539

When the order is processed the instrument and detector are calibrated and shipped together with the following accessories at no additional charge:

  • 1 meter (39 in.) cable
  • Customer selected Meter Face
  • Batteries
  • 1 year instrument calibration with certificate
  • Probe clip for mounting the detector to the instrument

To ensure that you receive the items you desire please specify the appropriate meter face and the type of Detector Connector you want. If no dial or connector is selected then the standard cpm or mR/hr dial (whichever is appropriate), and "C" type connector will be used.