Introduction to Ludlum


Ludlum Measurements, Inc. (LMI) has been designing, manufacturing and supplying radiation detection and measurement equipment in response to the worlds' need for greater safety since 1962. Throughout its 5-decade history, it has developed radiation detection technologies and instruments in support of enhancing the safety of personnel and the environment. It offers one of the largest lines of radiation detection instrumentation available from any one company.

Longevity and Commitment

LMI’s earned reputation for affordability, high quality, reliability, durability, and long term support are well known and highly respected within each of the markets it currently serves. The core values established by its founder and president, Mr. Don Ludlum (d. 2015), continue in full force. In 2014  Don officially handed over leadership of the company to his son, Larry, who remains at the helm of the company. Ludlum Measurements has grown over the years into a full scale enterprise operated by a staff of highly experienced professionals committed to those same core values, unaffected by disruption or alteration by outside investors or buyers.

Totally Integrated

LMI has invested heavily into becoming a vertically integrated radiation detection company in order to better control costs, quality, and delivery times. Recent additions of in-house automated PC board assembly and plastic injection molding capability, plus photomultiplier tube and plastic scintillation detector design and manufacturing all contribute to this successful philosophy.

Engineering Excellence

LMI has a significant investment in engineering to ensure it sustains a high level of competency and excellence within the organization. The width and breadth of the engineering organization affords it to rapidly develop many new designs each year while simultaneously supporting its large product line. Many of the time-tested and field-proven designs are credited to LMI’s engineering expertise in developing reliable instruments capable of withstanding rough handling and harsh environments.

Legendary Support

LMI is also legendary for its repair, calibration and training support. It is not uncommon to still be supporting instruments shipped several decades previously or well past what most traditional instrument companies would deem reasonable. LMI additionally supports calibration and repair on many radiation detection instruments it has not manufactured.

Dedication to Safety

Radiation detection is a vital part of ensuring safety not only in those endeavors which promote economic development, but also in better securing our homelands against possible terrorist activities. LMI has contributed significantly towards advancing security along borders and at sea ports. It has also equipped First Responders with tools that better enable them to respond to emergencies where unknown harmful materials may be present.

Listens to Customers

Ludlum is always interested in hearing about your needs and what will work best for you. Doing what-ever it takes to keep our customers happy has been a long standing mandate dating back to the company founder, Mr. Don Ludlum. Important decisions regarding fulfilling customer needs are not made in some distant board room by accountants and business managers who are unfamiliar with radiation detection or health physics; they're made by the same people you can talk to every day here at Ludlum. Customers have contributed to many of the best ideas we've implemented. While not every idea has been a commercial success, it has always satisfied the customer, and that has translated into repeat business and a profitable operation. So call us anytime and share with us your needs and ideas.